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Sustainability Strategy 

Impact Accounting 

Risk Management 

There are dozens of sustainability standards and metrics, each geared towards different interest groups: investors, clients, consumers, governments;
environment, climate, diversity, transparency, justice focussed NGOs. 
The resulting complexities and risks turn determining and implementing your optimal engagement level into a daunting task. 

We are here to help. 

Our Roots  

We started as developers of CDM emission reduction projects in 2009. Originally concentrating on the certification of renewable energy projects and trading of the resulting "carbon credits" NaQ Sustainability Partners today are ESG and Zero Carbon Strategy, Accounting, and Risk Management Consultants. 

Our Philosophy

Sustainability is a complex endeavor, split by the  United Nations into 17 distinct goals. Our objective is to eliminate complexity for our clients, to filter out what is truly relevant under their specific circumstances, and to  tailor management, reporting and marketing solutions that match their distinct profiles. 
We believe that corporations with credible net-zero commitments need to concentrate on emission reduction in house and in their value chains, upstream and downstream, rather than primarily relying on the acquisition of carbon offsets. 

Our Mission 

To demystify ESG and Zero Carbon for our clients, and to enable also not (yet) listed companies to effectively participate in the quest for sustainable, climate-neutral business development.